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    An Phat International Inc. (APA), a subsidiary of An Phat Holdings, marks the first step into making the United States, specifically Houston, Texas, as the hub for the Americas. As a trusted source globally, we deliver nothing less than excellence when it comes to the buying experience of our customers. From ensuring the thinnest margin to the exceptional customer services, An Phat International is the premier solution to plastic sourcing and manufacturing globally.

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    An Phat Holdings in general and An Phat International in specific have been trusted by many major partners for our reputation and long-term cooperation and evaluated as the South East Asia’s leading high tech environmental friendly plastic corporation.


    We are fully confident with our competitive strength and position to move to a new development stage with several projects which focusing on key products such as compostable products and compounds, packaging, engineering plastics & building material plastics, precision engineering & molding, raw materials and chemicals for plastic industry, industrial infrastructure, etc.

    We always want to bring the best value to our customers, shareholders and employees by our research and innovation.

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    We are always looking for the best ways to act as a “green” company, including investing in green technologies for production and support processes, promoting green initiative whenever possible.

    Stable and Sustainable Operations: Building a balanced relationship with all stakeholders, including customers, quality service providers, and well-trained, well-paid staff. High contributes to ensuring that the production process is well managed and efficient

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    Catching up with the new global consumption trend of shifting from conventional plastics to high-tech and environment-friendly products, we aim to achieve sustainability ​​and protect the benefit of the human, the nature and the environment. We has set clear vision for our brand and make it a guide for all future activity of our organization. The way forward may be prolonged but will be more meaningful to us all whenever each every product and effort are for our ultimate goal: Green Up The Future.

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